We all want natural light complaining when we have to shoot inside. We buy flashes and gadgets and gizmos to get that perfect light. Learning how to bounce light off of this and that and using door ways and open garages to get that perfect soft lighting we all envy. We manipulator our settings till we get the perfect look and then we go back to our computer and edit them to the hight of perfection.

Have you ever tried to shoot with an iPhone in the snow though? Apple has made great strides with their phone cameras but we all know its just not the same. You simply don’t have the control you might want. Now I’m sure there are tricks to the trade as always but I for one have not quite found them all.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about: Snow is very reflective. Hence, when you are using a device that chooses it’s own settings editing the aperture aka the way your camera handles the amount of light it is receiving.