Alright guys its day 11 of my #3odaychalenge and the flavor of the day is Something I Love! Now next to family there are two things I love more than anything, they are both hobbies of mine and will hopefully turn into something more. For now they are both hobbies and I love them both very much. In fact I love them both so much I have trouble figuring out which one is more important to me.

On the one hand there is photography. I have alway loved photography and have had a camera for as long as I can remember. Now thats not to say my pictures have always been good. No quite the contrary, intact I was just looking at a photo album my grandmother has of one of our family reunions and I was shocked at how bad the pictures where that I took. They where really dark and most of them were not very well composed. Now there were a few that I had to say where actually ok but over all I was not impressed.

20150603_155925My other hobbies is horses. I absolutely love them and I get so exited when I am teaching someone how to ride and they are starting to catch on and get really exited! I just makes my day! Honestly though I just love being with them. If I could I would hang with horses all day long every day no mater what other people where doing. When I am with them I feel myself and like I can concur anything. I feel creative and free loving and competent but stern too. I just love it! I love riding, I love grooming, I love training…I even like to trim their feet which is kind of hard so people don’t normally like to do it.


So yes these are my two favorite things! Horse and Photography and no I will probably never be able to chose which one I actually like better.

God bless!